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I am ambitious to investigate the intersection between science and business intelligence to improve processes, productivity, and the life of patients.
For that purpose, I conduct corporate training sessions and presentations on topics related to psychology, biohacking, holistic medicine, and business intelligence. My vast experience includes working as an advisor to senior management and government organization. Besides, I have also served as a lecturer and keynote speaker in top universities.
I am committed to providing corporate training, consultancy, and virtual audits of quality management systems. I and my team provide organized and professional services to our clients all over the world.


Running a clinical trial requires technical knowledge & multiple soft skills. Therefore, starting the process, it is always recommended to have experts in place. We at Kurianova Agency are committed to doing just that!

We will teach you the technical skills that will support you in regulating the trail. From regulatory affairs to clinical operations, we are here to walk you through each vital step.
Management is an essential aspect of clinical trials. Our comprehensive guide will enable you to regulate the multiple aspects of your trial promptly.

Being in charge of a process is way different than working as a group member. It requires strategic approach, technical acumen & every single team member involvement. Are you new to these circumstances? We are here to make your journey smooth.
Let us teach you the management strategies that are principle to effectively lead your team to the paramount of success.

Communication has always been the key in every walk of life. During a clinical trial, this aspect is a keynote factor. We are here to navigate you on effective process flow & ensure that all expectations considered & taken.


Quality Management System plays an crucial role in the success of any organization. It ensures achieving objectives through proper documentation of procedures & responsibilities.

We believe that quality management is irrespective of the size of the project or study. We follow a “total system approach”. It means that quality assurance at the all stages of a project ensures the success of the entire process.
With many years of experience in leading role at Quality Assurance, I know all the important steps involved in this process. Following are the key aspects of our quality management training:

How to achieve maximum client satisfaction on a low budget?

How to improve your processes to deliver high-quality services?

How to set up quality system from scratch?

How to educate team ready for high performance?

How to mitigate risks by reinfoircing the quality awareness by staff?

Good International Practices are pivotal to the survival of any international organization. Are you looking to educate your employees regarding GxPs? Do you want to ensure that your company flourishes & follows all the ICH GxPs stages?

Being an expert in FDA and EMEA, I am here to fulfill your requirements. The following are the numerous aspects of GxPs covered in our sessions:


Processes Validation
Equipment Qualification
Quality Management Systems set up
Standard Operational Procedure Elaboration
Processes Validation
Equipment Qualification
Quality Management Systems set up
Standard Operational Procedure Elaboration


Regulatory affairs in the field of life sciences involve the processes used for approval, access, & development of medicines. You need to have sound knowledge about regulatory tips prior to entering this business. Seeking assistance from a regulatory affairs consultant ensures that your products meet all the requirements of government and regulatory authorities.
Our comprehensive support & guidance will guide you through all those steps set forth by the regulatory bodies to ensure quality and ethics in the world of drug development are observed. We are committed to providing high level surveillance to meet customers requirements within entire process.


Biohacking is a complex phenomenon of changing your inner & outer wellbeing according to your requirements.
It is being done to optimize overall performance by involving multiple biotech & pharma aspects.
Are you looking for expert guidance on biohacking and want to do everything the right way? We are here to help you with that. We provide wellness support and consultancy services related to biohacking, nutrigenomics & wellbeing.
We use modern technologies and ethical practices to ensure that our services match your lifestyle requirements. Ready to do that? Contact us so we can capture you in achieving the goal.