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Our specialized consultation sessions are designed to help you make informed decisions. So do not stop yourself from getting the best consultation services when they are easily available. These sessions can be accessed on a one-on-one basis or in a group.


Our diverse consultation services can be obtained on the following topics
Contact us today for our consultation services. Some of the salient features are as follows:
Understand the processes involved in clinical drug development
Understand the regulatory affairs in the supply chain to ensure milestone completion without any interference

Clinical Drug Management

Supply Chain

Do SWOT Analysis for your business
Analyze how to improve your customer’s experience

Problem Solving

Business Performance

Quality Management

Regulatory Affairs


Are you thinking about starting a business but not sure how? Do you already own a business but want to boost it up? Let us tell you that it requires sound knowledge, acumen, and training. And we are here to suport you with that.
Practical & theoretical understanding of logistics involved in supply chain
We provide effective business training that is specially designed for fields related to drug development, supply chain, quality management & leadership awareness. The salient features of our business sessions are as follows:
Understanding of ICH guidelines to help you in effective product development
Expertise for scientific and ethical aspects involved in drug development
Getting the core of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
How to deal with regulatory authorities
How to design a project with each step being monitored and controlled
What is biohacking? Low in energy? No efforts for every day activities? Go ahead with me to learn how to reward new future of life and open up your better DNA.

Welcome to my biohacking page. I do strive for bringing you innovative insights into your background, your wellbeing & inspire new development about this topic to be circulated.
Being a renouned biohacker, profound healthcare expert & Fen Shui master, I will educate you how to blend in physical & methaphysical compounds to make you life the utmost.


Propel your brain & increase quality of life with more than 50 gadgets, gigs & medicines that are promoting mental performance in thousands of people globally.

" Brain is the muscle of your potential,set it free..."

- Stacia Kurianova -


Time Management is an integral skill in the dynamic world. Whether you have a business meeting, a clinical appointment, or a day-out, mastering of time, will enable you to be one step ahead. Having a busy schedule, it becomes challenging to prioritize things accordingly.
We are here to align with that. Our expert trainers walk you through the baby steps & navigate in time management recitals smoothly. This personalized training allows to excel the outmoast performance no matter which field you belong to. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an analyst, a scientist, or a social media influencer, we are here to discover this topic for your team.


Have you ever worked under someone’s leadership and thought they should learn how to lead? Is this now your time to lead but you want to learn the fundamentals? Well, good for you, you came to the right place.

I and my team are dedicated to providing effective leadership awareness sessions. Our modules are designed to train individuals for efficient lean management, communication bias & project planning.
Become the best version of yourself with us.
Is the extent to which a leader attends to each follower’s needs and is a mentor, coach or guide to the follower
Is the degree to which a leader articulates an appealing vision that inspires & motivates others to perform beyond expectations

Inspirational Motivation

Describes leaders that are role models for their followers because they engage in high standards of ethical behaviour.

Strong Influence

Is the extent to which leaders challenge assumptions, take risks and solicit followers’ ideas.

Intellectual Stimulus


Customized Consideration